Part 1 - The Challenges - Video Narratives Drive Greater Sales

Transcript Welcome to this series on how video narratives drive greater sales by increasing content readiness for product launches. Part 1 - The challenges New product releases disrupt existing sales teams who are focused on existing customers and products. Getting through the noise is tough. Having a pre-approved library of short form video that enables sales to introduce a new product provides competitive advantage. Keeping up with customer needs is great but challenges go-to-market teams in keeping abreast of an ever-changing set of products and capabilities to understand, position and sell. These front-line people need content that supports pre and post sales activity they can confidently deliver. Not only are go-to-market users challenged, so are those that build and deliver products and training to the organization. Video has been proven to be the most effective at delivering “the story”. How do you leverage it most effectively in fast-changing product companies? Part 2 describes the needs and the initial content creation phase intended for sales enablement. Part 3 then describes the experience of those intended to consume the content and drive sales Part 4 finally describes how GLX Helps ... Others in this series

Part 2 - The Initial Content Creators - Video Narratives Drive Greater Sales

Transcript Those that initially create the content, Product Managers, Product Marketing Managers, and Sales Enablement teams typically struggle to keep up with the creation of effective video content for their go-to-market teams needing to be enabled. 1. They lack a centralized means to collect and share raw content they use to craft stories from internal demos and meeting. 2. They lack access to what already exists, needlessly recreating content, or the ability to enhance existing content to tell a whole product story rather than to pitch the details of a recently released feature. 3. They lack access to the tools required to deliver their narrative in the form of video. 4. They lack the supporting workflows to work collaboratively to deliver the content that go-to-market teams so desperately need to successfully compete and engage with customers pre and post-sale. 5. And finally, they lack an effective way to distribute and disseminate their finished video narratives Simply put, content is too scattered and in the hands of the few rather than the many. The ability to create and deliver video-based narratives also. ... Others in this series

Part 3 - Content Consumers - Video Narratives Drive Greater Sales

Transcript Field sales and marketing teams suffer from the same issues described in part 2 but have the additional challenge of tailoring your content and solutions for an upcoming product launch. Too often they need to rely on what was provided to them. This content is too often overly general intended to inform them but cannot be used to support a sales engagement. They too have no ability to tailor content to effectively use video for solution-selling. How do you prepare your bill of materials for content readiness for an upcoming product launch? Do you have short video stories that describes how your products solve the customer’s specific pain point, your solutions unique advantage, including relevant customer testimonial and one that deliver a whole product story. How are these organized to provide sales enablement with a playbook that makes it easy for sales to adopt a new playbook. And post-sale, Customer success teams struggle to keep up connecting and sharing information that will help solidify renewals by communicating value, return on investment, and new product updates that keeps customers engaged and renewing their subscriptions. ... Others in this series

Part 4 - How GLX Helps - Video Narratives Drive Greater Sales

Transcript Part 4 - How GLX Helps GLX helps collaborators across the organization with the creation of video-based stories targeted to the audiences they know and serve. It provides them with a streamlined, collaborative video production and publishing service that customers use to improve sales enablement to vastly decrease the time to meet sales quotas. It provides go-to-market front-line teams with the tools they need to tailor the content they need to deliver for specific audiences and engagements. By leveraging GLX, collaborators augment, amplify and share product narratives, feedback and best practices in ways never imagined before that not only benefit customers but the entire team. GLX Benefits Many 1. Product Managers and Product Marketing Managers are provided with the tools and workflows to continuously enhance the whole-product narrative, not just communicate the latest and greatest features 2. Sales Enablement teams can now tailor and augment the content they get to enhance product training, deliver competitive and positioning information that is more easily retained and delivered by sales teams, and share best practices and anecdotes they’ve obtained from field teams 3. Sales, Sales Engineers and Field Marketing teams can now more effectively adapt and deliver a whole product story one they’ve learned via video, and in turn tailor and create content for their markets, geographies and vertical markets, and share best practices and success stories with the rest of the organization 4. Customer Success and Support teams can then amplify this information as they share updates and success stories that matter to customers We know a 20-minute discussion with our team would be valuable for both of our organizations. We’d welcome the opportunity to learn from you and discuss how we can increase your sales output by 30% or more in under 90 days. Thanks for your time. ... Others in this series

Reinforced training with video drives 34% greater quota achievement

Transcript Your commercial organization simply can not afford to sacrifice go-to-market efficiency and negatively impact sales velocity in an era when product development and launch cycles are increasing in speed and frequency. There are three primary challenges with producing and delivering compelling and engaging sales enablement video content that drive results: 1. Slow production cycles 2. Effort required and capital costs 3. ‘Movie-trailer’ video snippets that do not deliver a whole-product story After several years of research and practice we’ve launched GLX, a streamlined, collaborative video production and publishing service that our customers use to improve their sales enablement to vastly decrease the time to meet sales quotas. We know a 20-minute discussion with our team would be valuable for both of our organizations. We’d welcome the opportunity to learn from you and discuss how we can increase your sales output by 30% or more in under 90 days. ... Others in this series