Reinforced training with video drives 34% greater quota achievement


Your commercial organization simply can not afford to sacrifice go-to-market efficiency and negatively impact sales velocity in an era when product development and launch cycles are increasing in speed and frequency.

There are three primary challenges with producing and delivering compelling and engaging sales enablement video content that drive results:

1. Slow production cycles

2. Effort required and capital costs

3. ‘Movie-trailer’ video snippets that do not deliver a whole-product story

After several years of research and practice we’ve launched GLX, a streamlined, collaborative video production and publishing service that our customers use to improve their sales enablement to vastly decrease the time to meet sales quotas.

We know a 20-minute discussion with our team would be valuable for both of our organizations. We’d welcome the opportunity to learn from you and discuss how we can increase your sales output by 30% or more in under 90 days.

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