Part 4 – Status Quo Is Not an Option For 2023


With remote work now having taken hold for most of us and our customers, finding, and getting attention of audiences is becoming increasingly challenging in an environment where we are competing with dozens of digital channels bombarding customers and employees. We need to get our messages across in the way that audiences want to consume it. Many now expect short-form videos. Others simply don’t want to put effort by having to read yet more content.

A few brave souls have tried to tackle video outreach on their own. They have done so but most are not able to sustain the efforts for more than a few months or less. They are faced with a myriad of tools that need to be integrated. They must work around kinks at every point which slows their output. Many end up giving up. It’s too hard if you don’t have supporting tools and workflows let alone the means to gather and disseminate the content. The lack of assistance such as AI generated content doesn’t help either.

Communications, marketing, and many other teams are faced with a lack of access to purpose-built and usable tools to create, repurpose and deliver video, needing too often and needlessly to resort to agencies.

MediaMobz’s GLX, a next generation of video content operations Cloud service, extends to all the ability to create and deliver stories via video, a communications medium proven to be the most effective to get the attention of customers, partners, employees, and audiences of all types. GLX gives teams what they need to create and deliver personalized short-form and repurposed video. GLX helps organize and give easy access to inventories of video that otherwise are fragmented across organizations and file sharing services. It provides users with access to a vast inventory of valuable assets.

GLX incorporates workflows and AI that help teams build an information dataset from video and audio assets enabling easy access to AI-assisted search of video libraries from the nuggets that can source personalized short-form video.

Clipping and remixing workflows with advanced automation and AI helps all within the organization to collaborate in the creation, review, and release of video communications.

GLX solves a major impediment to video content review and approval by providing teams of creators with the workflow needed to obtain legal, marketing and others’ sign-off.

With most not wanting to put effort by having to read content and now expecting short-form videos, there is a need to get messages across in the way that audiences want to consume it. Status Quo Is Not an Option For 2023.

If you would like to get a demonstration of how GLX can help you deliver video-based stories to your customers and employees, please reply with your name and preferred email. We’ll reach out and schedule a time with you.

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