Part 2 - The Initial Content Creators - Video Narratives Drive Greater Sales


Those that initially create the content, Product Managers, Product Marketing Managers, and Sales Enablement teams typically struggle to keep up with the creation of effective video content for their go-to-market teams needing to be enabled.

1. They lack a centralized means to collect and share raw content they use to craft stories from internal demos and meeting.

2. They lack access to what already exists, needlessly recreating content, or the ability to enhance existing content to tell a whole product story rather than to pitch the details of a recently released feature.

3. They lack access to the tools required to deliver their narrative in the form of video.

4. They lack the supporting workflows to work collaboratively to deliver the content that go-to-market teams so desperately need to successfully compete and engage with customers pre and post-sale.

5. And finally, they lack an effective way to distribute and disseminate their finished video narratives

Simply put, content is too scattered and in the hands of the few rather than the many. The ability to create and deliver video-based narratives also.

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