Part 4 - How GLX Helps - Video Narratives Drive Greater Sales


Part 4 - How GLX Helps

GLX helps collaborators across the organization with the creation of video-based stories targeted to the audiences they know and serve. It provides them with a streamlined, collaborative video production and publishing service that customers use to improve sales enablement to vastly decrease the time to meet sales quotas.

It provides go-to-market front-line teams with the tools they need to tailor the content they need to deliver for specific audiences and engagements. By leveraging GLX, collaborators augment, amplify and share product narratives, feedback and best practices in ways never imagined before that not only benefit customers but the entire team.

GLX Benefits Many

1. Product Managers and Product Marketing Managers are provided with the tools and workflows to continuously enhance the whole-product narrative, not just communicate the latest and greatest features

2. Sales Enablement teams can now tailor and augment the content they get to enhance product training, deliver competitive and positioning information that is more easily retained and delivered by sales teams, and share best practices and anecdotes they’ve obtained from field teams

3. Sales, Sales Engineers and Field Marketing teams can now more effectively adapt and deliver a whole product story one they’ve learned via video, and in turn tailor and create content for their markets, geographies and vertical markets, and share best practices and success stories with the rest of the organization

4. Customer Success and Support teams can then amplify this information as they share updates and success stories that matter to customers

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