Part 3 - Content Consumers - Video Narratives Drive Greater Sales


Field sales and marketing teams suffer from the same issues described in part 2 but have the additional challenge of tailoring your content and solutions for an upcoming product launch. Too often they need to rely on what was provided to them. This content is too often overly general intended to inform them but cannot be used to support a sales engagement. They too have no ability to tailor content to effectively use video for solution-selling.

How do you prepare your bill of materials for content readiness for an upcoming product launch? Do you have short video stories that describes how your products solve the customer’s specific pain point, your solutions unique advantage, including relevant customer testimonial and one that deliver a whole product story. How are these organized to provide sales enablement with a playbook that makes it easy for sales to adopt a new playbook.

And post-sale, Customer success teams struggle to keep up connecting and sharing information that will help solidify renewals by communicating value, return on investment, and new product updates that keeps customers engaged and renewing their subscriptions.

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