Part 1 - The Communications Professional's Dilemma


As Corporate and Marketing communications professionals you’re expected to communicate to a broad community of audiences: internal teams, employees, product groups, customers, investors, partners and many others. 

Fast Company’s 2022 study, conducted in partnership with the Harris Poll, found that 72% of business leaders surveyed said their teams experienced problems communicating effectively during the past year. In fact, 82% of business leaders and 59% of employees noted concern about effective communication with businesses operating remotely or as hybrid models.

Getting through to your audience means that you need to think of new and more compelling and effective ways to reach people and have them engage.

A JOTW Strategic Communications Survey for 2022 (an annual survey of 483 professionals working in communications, public relations, and public affairs) reported that the three top communications challenges were: 1) cutting through the noise (35%); 2) too many priorities (31%); and 3) a lack of employee experience (25%).

So, not only do you need to innovate with your message’s content, but you also need to innovate in the way it is delivered.

The forms of communication you choose need to cater to different audience needs, preferences, and channels where you can reach them, keeping in mind that these audiences are constantly being bombarded with information from so many others, each trying to get their attention. 

In our next post we’ll be putting ourselves in the audience’s shoes, those that decide what they will consider paying attention to and devote time and effort to do so.

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