Part 1 - The Challenges - Video Narratives Drive Greater Sales


Welcome to this series on how video narratives drive greater sales by increasing content readiness for product launches.

Part 1 - The challenges

New product releases disrupt existing sales teams who are focused on existing customers and products. Getting through the noise is tough. Having a pre-approved library of short form video that enables sales to introduce a new product provides competitive advantage. Keeping up with customer needs is great but challenges go-to-market teams in keeping abreast of an ever-changing set of products and capabilities to understand, position and sell. These front-line people need content that supports pre and post sales activity they can confidently deliver.

Not only are go-to-market users challenged, so are those that build and deliver products and training to the organization. Video has been proven to be the most effective at delivering “the story”. How do you leverage it most effectively in fast-changing product companies?

Part 2 describes the needs and the initial content creation phase intended for sales enablement.

Part 3 then describes the experience of those intended to consume the content and drive sales

Part 4 finally describes how GLX Helps

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