Keeping Up with The Pace of Product Releases


Faced with rapid product release cycles most field sales and customer success teams feel ill-prepared and equipped to sell and support their products and services. And many product, marketing and commercial leadership teams feel that their field sales and success teams cannot adequately and effectively convey product benefits, identify cross-sell opportunities, generate new business velocity and drive renewals. This is because commercial teams lack depth in situational awareness with customers that prevents them from seamlessly and deeply align their products and solutions to their customers’ needs.

The problem stems from an inability by marketing and product teams to maintain a cohesive and comprehensive product story across a fast pace of releases. They are understaffed. They lack the workflows and tools they need. The result: enablement and product-related content tend to reflect the details and benefits of the last release rather than to convey an evolving whole-product story and the evolving customer needs. This further exacerbates the pain felt by field sales and customer success teams.

Your go-to-market teams simply cannot afford to sacrifice efficiency and sales velocity in an era when product launch and update cycles are increasing in speed and frequency. You need to get your messages across in the way that audiences want to consume them. Many, your commercial teams included, now expect short-form videos. Video engages at the highest rate and is proven as the best means to drive retention of its content.

In the next video, we describe how MediaMobz’s GLX Video Communications Operations service helps address these needs.

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