How GLX Helps Product Release Teams

In the previous video, we described the problems that most field sales and customer success teams experience in selling and supporting their products and services when faced with rapid product release cycles.


MediaMobz’s GLX Video Communications Operations service makes it easy for your product release teams to keep up with the pace of change by helping them deliver purpose-specific content at scale. The GLX content collaboration and workflow services incorporate purpose-built workflows and AI that help teams efficiently design and develop an inventory of compelling product video and audio assets that can be consumed by all, on demand. GLX solves major impediments to video content collaboration, review, and approval frameworks by providing teams with the workflows needed to capture and create the most complete and compelling commercial content while making it intuitive to harness sales, legal, marketing and others’ input and sign-off.

GLX extends to all the ability to create, update, and deliver product stories via video with every release that will get the attention of customers, partners, employees with informative and educational content that matter to audiences of all types. It gives distributed teams what they need to create and deliver personalized short-form video stories and to even repurpose and reinvigorate libraries of content. GLX helps organize and give easy access to inventories of video that otherwise are fragmented across organizations and file sharing services.

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