Johel Brown-Grant, Storytelling Strategist, on Storytelling in Knowledge Management

Excerpts of an interview with Johel Brown-Grant

Storytelling has evolved from a mere art form into a powerful tool for capturing and sharing knowledge. This transformation underscores the role narratives play in fostering connection, engagement, and inspiration. Guiding us through this exploration is Johel Brown-Grant, a Storytelling Strategist, in an interview with Dave Toole, MediaMobz's CEO.

Johel's journey began as an English major, leading him through the complex domains of technical communication and human-computer interaction, culminating in the realm of knowledge management.

In this enlightening series, Johel unpacks several pivotal themes: the role of storytelling within knowledge management, the differences between narratives and stories and their convergence in knowledge management, and a five-level model detailing an organization's progression in incorporating storytelling into their knowledge management approach.

Johel emphasizes that stories serve as a bridge, turning implicit knowledge into explicit insights by contextualizing our experiences.

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