Part 1 – Post-Pandemic Challenges And Opportunities


As organizations grow beyond 100 employees, town hall events are often used to deliver internal communications, quarterly sales meetings, and sales enablement events. This form of interaction is great to reach and engage with employees. Most importantly these forums are effective at driving alignment with priorities. 

The Pandemic changed much of this - virtual events took hold. We now need to employ a hybrid model of in-person and online events to stay connected with employees and drive alignment with priorities. For many the level of employee engagement from these meetings has been impacted, putting in question the effectiveness of traditional forms of communications. How then do we keep everyone aligned to the company’s mission and goals? 

We know that it takes repetitive attempts, as many as seven times, before concepts and narratives get through and are embraced by individuals. In-person forums are particularly effective for those that can read the audience. But when you’re faced with a hybrid of in-person and online interactions, engaging and connecting with your staff with video is the most compelling and effective way to deliver your narrative and connect with the audience. But for many it has been too much of a challenge to organize follow-ups, until now. If designed well, these drive higher retention and commitment and help you get more out of your budget.

Planning and delivering video communications increases engagement when it matters the most. There are activities and steps that can be done before, during, and after a company event that help increase its impact.

Part 2 will address an approach to help you extend the reach of your narrative.

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