Part 2 – Planning Your Delivery


Part 1 surfaced the challenges that most experience getting their communications reach the audience in a post-pandemic environment. Part 2 outlines how you can plan your delivery to extend the reach of your communications and narrative.

Start by planning your event’s narrative with the end in mind. Identify what would you like participants to retain and act upon after they turn their attention back to their other activities. If the changes and actions you seek are to take hold, your call to action needs to be delivered repeatedly, in various forums, and amplified by others. Start by identifying the top 3 to 5 results you seek and who in the organization can be most effective at helping you drive these and deliver your narrative. 

Structure your communications starting with the “why”. Convey the company’s purpose and the benefits you want your customers to obtain from your products and services. Next, identify the actions you want your leaders and teams to take. Convey this information and messages to your leadership team first. By warming up your leaders and getting their buy-in before your broader outreach you will improve the success of your communications. Be clear about your team’s role in delivering your message so that leaders can be effective at amplifying them. Identify 3 to 5 videos and presentations that will most effectively convey your purpose and goals, and deliver these to your leaders in person and online with recordings that you share to help them internalize your narrative.

Collect earlier internal and voice-of-the-customer videos that support your desired outcomes and prepare yourself to create an inventory of these so that you can deliver them during and after the event. Make sure that the summary videos you collect and distribute align to your narrative. This content will help your team amplify your message during and after the event. 

Keep in mind that most prefer short summaries more apt to be retained. Keeping the end in mind, what would you want the audience to remember a week or two after the event? Design for it up front.

Part 3 will address how the video communications inventory you prepare for, during and after your events matter to drives engagement and retention.

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