Part 3 – Extending Your Reach


Parts 1 and 2 surfaced the challenges and planning of your communications. We close this series by describing the approach to extend the reach of your narrative for the audience that counts.

Having set the context of event’s narrative you can now let your leaders and others deliver your message, convey goals, and your desired results. The inventory of video gathered before the event will help your leaders and presenters prepare and deliver these messages, those they have internalized and learned how to  deliver in their own voice. Short customer testimonials can effectively convey benefits and help connect your audience with outcomes. Taking the time to emphasize benefits and sharing it with attendees not only teaches them how to convey these, but extends this information to broader audiences not only during the event but also after.

The effectiveness of your event should be measured by how well participants retain and are able to deliver and share the narrative well beyond the end of the event. This will depend on how well they are enabled and have the means to act on them.

What happens in between your meetings? The 90 days following the event is an important time to maintain alignment with your priorities and drive engagement across the organization by leveraging storytelling. Have teams build an editorial calendar of content that can be shared across your organization and ecosystem. Deliver 90-second short stories that reenforce key messages using your pre-existing video inventory. 

Bring in the voice of the customer and employees by providing them the means to create their own stories and share these with others that over time drives ownership and builds on the organization’s inventory of stories. Encourage the sharing of best practices, up-skill and cross selling content, and contribute to a knowledge network from the events you hold. More importantly encourage feedback and stories obtained from across the organization.

Over time influencers, leaders and doers will start contributing to playlists of internal communications and sales enablement content all of which drives alignment and engagement with your priorities. Ask yourself what event attendees should have retained a week or two after the event. The inventory you prepare for, during and after the event matters. It drives engagement and retention.

Thanks for your time. 

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